Chris Odum

Chris Odum #100018
1300 F.m. 655
Rosharon Texas 77583
Letter dated Aug 10, 2002
Dear Ms Hull
I take pen in hand, being totally destitute w/o funds w/ which to hire an attorney to represent me, yet also knowing full well that an injustice is being perpetrated against me. I ask your prayerful consideration toward my assistance, which I consider to be a matter of great importance, not only to myself but many others.
I am a TDC inmate who has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C The TDC was the first to discover my illness during an earlier stint of incarceration in 2000-2001
yet they choose "NOT" to reveal said discovery to me, therefore upon my release and before my revocation of Parole I am afraid I have put others in harms way via sexual contact, before finding out about my illness from a private physician.
The aforementioned doctor and I were in the process of working out a treatment regimen to include the drug interferon prior to my revocation. I am now back in TDC and being told such medical treatments will not be initiated by TDC to be incurred by the Great State of Texas. Again, such medical treatment will not be forthcoming.
My A.l.T. levels are very high (195) and I am suffering dizziness, nausea and forced to attend both an 8 hour day shift in the cannery in the intense heat of the day and to attend educational classes from 4.45-11:15 am each day- thus I have no time in which to sleep and rest as needed for people with such an illness.
I am very much in need of outside help w/ which to remedy this situation. Can you please assist me? I recently have spoken to an inmate named Michael Higgens who offered me no hope for help in the law, yet I was able to memorize your address so that I could contact you first hand. I wish to obtain any and all information concerning Hepatitis C and any and how I can proceed from legal and medical standpoints. I also ask to be added to your list of awareness groups which may be of assistance to me. In close, I thank you for your time and assistance, not only for myself but for all of us who are suffering.
I humbly and anxiously await for your response in the hopes of receipt of requested information and assistance. Until such time I remain.....
Terminally Ill
Chris Odum

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