Serena Cleveland

Dear Ms. Hull, I was given your name and address from an inmate, She is getting help from you. I would really like to get the same help. My being all broken up came about when I was assualted and raped in Houston Tx. downtown before coming to TDC and my femur bone was broken, my hip was broken, my left pelvis was broken, my left arm was crushed so was my wrist, My knee was dislocated, plus ligaments were torn. I went to John Sealy on July 22,2002 and they removed the external fixation pins in my leg, but they didn't remove the antibiotic bag around my bone or fix my knee. the screws that were in my knee caused all the trouble in the first place. They let me leave the hospital without anyone telling me about physicial therapy, how much weight to put on my leg, nothing. I even asked the nurse if she could call the doctor. She said he is not going to come and they usually don't call back. John Sealy had me on Vicodiene every 4 hours. When they released me they put me on Motrin and Indosen. When I got back to the unit the Indosen was cut off, They said the 2 medicines don't mix, but didn't replace it with nothing else so I am in great pain.

I am suppose to be getting a rod put back in my leg to support my femur bone, because now that the external fixator is removed I have great risk of my bone being crushed or broken as my bone isn't healed all together. Please help me get some assistance. I am medically unassigned for 30 more days. Before coming here i was on disability, home health care and everything. Dr. West I have not seen at all since I came to this unit. I saw a P.A. Russell that said to me and the nurse here that I need to see Dr. West. I have Belle Palsey on my right side of my face which is getting worse, I got Belle Palsey in Harris county jail due to no medical assistance. I had a stroke, which caused my whole right side to shut down. I can't lay on my left side. My left side gives me such pain. They are not giving me my meds for that. I keep dropping I-60's to medical for my Belle Palsey and my blood pressure medicines. My blood pressure gets up there when I hurt real bad. Well thank you very much and God bless
Serena Cleveland #1098662
1401 State School Road
Gatesville, Texas 76599

Please take the time to write a letter or an e-mail of complaint on Serenas behalf to:

The Physician Responsible For Care At The Units Is Dr. Owen J. Murray.

Owen J. Murray
UTMB /TDCJ Medical Director
Facilities Operations
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77555-1007
phone (936) 437-3642
FAX: (936) 437-3638>

Judy L. Norris R.N.BSN
Director, Office of Quality Services and Risk Management
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77555-1007

Gigi Metzler
Quality Services
300 University Blvd.
Galveston, Texas 77555-1007

National Commission on Correctional Health Care
1300 W. Belmont Ave.
   Chicago, IL 60657
Phone (773) 880-1460  |  Fax (773) 880-2424

Report UTMB to:
Health Facility Licensing and Compliance Division
Texas Department of Health
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FAX (512) 834-6653
Complaint Hotline (888) 973-0022

family contact
Hazel Cleveland
work ph: (407) 664-142007)
home:(407 834-3928)

my outside Doctor is:
Dr. McCarrey
Herman Memorial Hospital
Fannin Street
Houston Tx