My hands, arms, feet, and legs are on fire! The new neighbor wanted to show he was a staydown young wood...He messed around and got himself gassed last night. While it was happening, I stood next door at the cell front and watched. The rest of the run was acting like they were about to die, but I didn't show any sign of effects due to the fact that the Goon Squad and Sergeant kept glancing at me. Ha Ha! I stood there proud that I could fade it with no protection (mask, towel, wash cloth) while they stood suited up in full riot gear, and gas masks.

The gas is called Deep Punch, but they should have named it time bomb! This morning the neighbor, who was refused a shower, clean clothes, linen, and a cell decontamination- had to endure the chemical side-effects all night (and he did without complaint). The dude had thrown his thermal shirt out on the run, bright orange from the chemical agent. The stuff is oil based, but I believe it has dye added to it so riot police can spot rioters running from the scene on the street.

I offered to wash the shirt because I have a hot pot and soap, he didn't. I splahed a few drops on my calf, and my hands got soaked as I attempted to wash the bright orange oil/dye. It did not come clean. ... Thirty minutes later, my hands started to come alive with an icey/hot sensation, the more I washed it, the worse it became.

Of course, when a nurse examines an inmate for Use of Force physicals, they instruct them to go back to the cell and wash their entire body with warm water and state soap. They know full well the man who just got gassed will have a stripped cell, so he can only wash in cold water. And they know full well that washing spreads and intensifies the burning pain (and boy does it sear into your memory). God I love these State employees more each day-not!

Slowly, step by step- as I watch the erosion of my country, I feel the corresponding erosion of the pity and empathy I feel for my fellow man. My circle of those I consider worth risking it all for narrows correlatively."  -end quote

This man has watched cellmates and friends die of the 130 degree heat, commit suicide, be taken away for organ harvesting, etc. so to him, gas is just an interesting 'aside'. The source has to remain anonymous for reasons of safety. We can set words like this free on the wind- but what can we actually DO about this issue? How do we hold these people accountable for cruel and unusual punishment? By sheer numbers of course, and by forcing their scrawny butts to the wall.

The law packs a Deep Punch of its own..