I need help from all concerned citizens who think that the hidden crime of incest and child molestation should be stopped.

In the late 1980's my son started having problems, I sought help for these, never at first suspecting what was really happening. The truth of a biological father sodomizing his own son was a foreign concept to me.

My husband and I had been having marital problems and I had threatened divorce. I gave a date by which I would file on him. Before this came about my son started soiling his pants. He was only eight years old at the time, but he had been potty trained since two.

I confronted my husband with the possibility of this and sought help for my son. I saved a bag of my sons fecal soiled underwear and I tried to get them tested by the police and child protective services. They refused to do this even at my expense. They were not interested in helping my son and I was still trying to force an investigation.

My husband was killed and I was convicted of capitol murder. I am presently trying to either get back to court or to vacate the capitol murder conviction to regular murder or manslaughter. Under the law I must serve fifteen years flat.

I have already served thirteen years flat but my mom is 83 and has cancer. I need to be with her and so I am applying for clemency/pardon on the following:

During trial, the evidence of my defense of my son, was kept from me. The bag of fecal soiled underwear I had tried to get tested was in my car the whole time. My car was impounded by the Sheriffs department the whole time. This was not released until it was too late to be used in my defense. The district attorney had told my attorney that there was no such items in the car. he law on new evidence is it must come within 30 days of conviction to be used. I was time barred.

The H.B.O. (Home Box Office) T.V. production paid for the testing of this evidence once it was released. The gene screen lab in San Antonio found it to contain sperm.

In 2001, A DNA law was passed allowing for previous cases with possible DNA evidence to be tested. This was not time barred and I now have sought to use this to either get back into court or to apply for clemency/pardon on the basis of vital evidence having been denied at the trial.

I ask for support letters, either to the courts or to the board of pardons and paroles.

Below are the addresses to write and e-mails. I am more than willing to go back before the media if necessary. I did two TV documentaries on Domestic Violence Issues: One for H.B.O. "Women On Trial", and one for the British Broadcasting Network (B.B.B) called "Why Women Kill"

Texas Board Of Pardons and Paroles
Executive Clemency Division
P.O. Box 13401
Austin, Texas 78711
Phone 512-406-5852
Fax (512) 467-0945 E- Mail:
Attention to Maria Rameriz Clemency Administrator

156 Judicial District Court
Sandra Clark (Clerk)
P.O. Box 666
Beeville, Texas 78104
REFERENCE: Cause No. 4820